Vibhuti Mohan Singhal

Founder & COO

Introducing Vibhuti Mohan, a seasoned professional with a rich 29-year background in establishing new products, expanding markets, and driving sales. With expertise in sales, distribution, relationship management, and market-specific product design, he has successfully executed go-to-market strategies, fostered rural development, and managed key accounts. Vibhuti possesses diverse industry experience, having led startups, worked in the beverages industry, and held prominent positions in leading telecom companies and the education segment. His skill set includes converting ideas into reality, building brands, stakeholder management, construction and cultivation of alliances, negotiation, channel marketing, distribution network setup, and revenue forecasting. Drawing upon his extensive experience and comprehensive market knowledge, he is committed to helping businesses reach their goals and achieve sustainable growth. Collaborate with Vibhuti to transform your business and propel it to unprecedented success.

Ekanshi Singhal


As a dynamic Social Media Strategist, she possess an impressive portfolio of 50+ domestic and international brands. With extensive experience across diverse industries, she has the honor of strategizing for renowned brands like AER (Dubai), GLO (Dubai), IRIS Jewels, Pentagon Insurance (Canada), Suitecase Holiday (Dubai), and more.

Elevate your social media presence and unlock unparalleled success with her unrivaled expertise. At Social Spark, trusted by industry-leading brands, we specialize in strategic social media marketing that delivers transformative results. Experience the power of strategic social media marketing today and take your brand to new heights.

Manoj Mehrotra

Sales Mentor

Meet Manoj Malhotra, an innovative professional with over 32 years of experience in sales and distribution, logistics, and large-scale business operations. Having worked at renowned companies like Unilever, Idea, Videocon, and Syska LED Lights, Manoj brings extensive expertise to the table. With a keen understanding of market dynamics, he excels in driving sales growth, optimizing distribution networks, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Nishchay Govil

Finance Head

Nishchay Govil, a finance professional with a rich experience spanning since 2012. Over the years, he has developed deep expertise in direct and indirect taxation, providing comprehensive financial services to a diverse portfolio of corporate and non-corporate clients. His key strengths lies in handling scrutiny and assessment notices, ensuring his clients navigate through these processes smoothly. With a strong track record and unwavering commitment to excellence, Nishchay is here to serve as your trusted partner for all your financial needs. Let’s embark on a journey of financial success together.

Vikas Tyagi

Legal Compliance Advisor

Introducing Vikas Tyagi, a highly skilled professional having expertise in various fields. With expertise in various fields like Trade Marks/Logos, Copyright Registration, Import/Export Codes, MSME Registration, Company Registration, ISO Registration, ISI Registration, FSSAI Registration, PF/ESI Registration, Patent Registration, Barcode Registration, AGMARK Registration, Accounting , GST Registration, Income Tax Return, Digital Signature, PF Withdrawal, ISBN Registration, TDS Refund, 80G/12A/35AC/FCRA, Labor License, Project Report, Balance Sheet, and Society/Trust/NGO Registration, Vikas brings extensive knowledge and experience on the table. He is your legal compliance and registration expert. Rely on their expertise to unlock growth opportunities for your business.

Mayank Agarwal

Excellencia Head

Mayank Agarwal is a seasoned professional with expertise in computation and data modelling. With a focus on solving challenging engineering problems using applied math and physics, Mayank is passionate about creating a better future with energetic individuals with smart ideas. He has a strong background in using protein-based molecule discovery, multi-scale computation and machine learning. Mayank’s skills include data generation and validation, neural network usage, custom data visualization, software development, and data analysis. With his extensive academic and research background, Mayank brings valuable insight and inspiration for innovation to each project.

Vivek Kumar Singh

Technology Expert

Vivek is a technology expert and has developed several technology ecosystems for skilling/learning, online teaching, app management and server systems. He is an engineer by training. Advance business goals while fostering an environment of innovation and agility. Trusted business partner and asset while contributing excellence in cross-functional project leadership to deliver products and solutions. Vivek along with his team has won many awards for engineering innovations and designs and has been recognized by many organizations for his ideas.

Vijay Kumar Singh

Career Coach

Meet VK Singh, a management graduate with 38 years plus of professional experience in Franchise Network Development and Management, Sales, Campus Administration, Documentation, HR, Faculty and Students Training and Coaching. He had worked with some of the well-known brands in the IT and Education sectors such as APTECH, Patni Computers, ICRI, Golbarena Technologies, & Amtek Auto and Shobhit University. As a certified Career Coach from CCA-ICF USA, he facilitates students, faculty members and entrepreneurs to attain their career aspirations.

Shashwat Singhal

Security Analyst & Developer

Shashwat Singhal, a Cyber Security enthusiast with top-tier skills in threat identification and mitigation. He’s among the top 6% in Hacking Communities globally. Shashwat is also a talented website developer and tech enthusiast, having contributed significantly to our company’s website. With his unwavering commitment to staying updated on the latest industry advancements, Shashwat brings a unique blend of Cyber Security expertise, web development skills, and technological acumen to our team.